May 17, 2018

Back in action 👋🏼

Dear all, 
Critical care has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Also Critical Care Medicine is now recognised as a Superspeciality and will be a Superspeciality Degree course from the year 2019.

I wanna sincerely apologise for not posting regularly on the group. But now I have decided to post very much regularly and atleast one/ two MCQs per week, with explanations. 
I want to thank Dr Mayur S Shah , for recollecting all the MCQs that appeared in the 2018 FNB entrance exam, which I will post here with explanations. 

Also with the MCQs, I will be posting regular reading material  on my blog .... which will work as a good information platform. 

You can gain access to power points in critical care medicine, from this blog link . If you wish to have them in a PowerPoint format, pls post a comment on the ppt you want / shoot a mail to 

Also I will posting all the landmark trials - current as well the previous ones, on this blog . 
So please log on regularly to be updated.
Cheers !!!